Saturday, September 6, 2008

First Set of Postcards: Where they went...

Sent: Sept 7, 2008

#1 - Hilary in England
#2 - Rob in The Netherlands - Received
#3 - Marcelo in Brazil
#4 - Julia in Alaska, USA
#5 - Gro in Norway
#6 - Erja in Finland
#7 - Sara in Norway
#8 - Xizhe in China
#9 - Melanie in Germany - Received
#10 - Rogerio in Brazil - Received
#11 - Vickie in Georgia, USA - recieved
#12 - Ginny in California, USA
#13 - Diana in England
#14 - Fiona in New Zealand
#15 - Viivi in Finland - Received
#16 - Yichen in Taiwan
#17 - Mitsai in The Netherlands
#18 - Milja in Finland - Received
#19 - "Kermooch" (Kerri) in Georgia, USA - Received
#20 - Klaus in Germany - Received
#21 - Lasse in Finland
#22 - "Kermooch" (Kerri) in Georgia, USA
#23 - Tarja in Finland
#24 - John in The Netherlands - received
#25 - Kristofel in Philippines
#26 - Alexandra in Germany
#27 - Joy in Missouri, USA
#28 - Helen in Finland
#29 - Claire in United Kingdom
#30 - Detje in The Netherlands
#31 - Melanie in Germany
#32 - Hin in Singapore
#33 - Roberto in Italy
#34 - Tee in Massachusetts, USA
#35 - Sarah in Australia
#36 - Kathleen in Texas, USA
#37 - Jennifer in British Columbia, Canada - recieved
#38 - Tammy in Iowa, USA
#39 - Star in Michigan, USA - recieved
#40 - Tan in Malaysia
#41 - Jenny in California, USA
#42 - Mary in Massachusetts, USA
#43 - Candy in Oregon, USA
#44 - Lori in Illonois, USA
#45 - Lillian in Australia - recieved
#46 - Jill in Missouri, USA
#47 - Wendy in United Kingdom
#48 - Linda-lee in Australia
#49 - Alice in Connecticut, USA
#50 - Jameka in North Carolina, USA
#51 - Tammy in New York, USA
#52 - Tina in Croatia
#53 - Tara in Australia
#54 - AoMM in Thailand
#55 - Nurulhuda in Malaysia - recieved
#56 - Marion in Australia


Starrby said...

I got your postcard today. I'm sorry to hear about Phoenix; he was a beautiful dog. Thank you for including me in his wonderful memorial.

...sweet saidie... said...

I received your postcard today (jennifer from BC) & I am so sorry to hear of your dog passing. From one puppy lover to another, you have my heartfelt condolences. Take care! (an what a wonderful project!)

lillian said...

got the postcard today. Lillian from Australia. Very thoughful of you sending postcards around the world. I believe he made your life more meaningful. =)

newrule said...

#55 arrived in Malaysia today.

Sorry to hear about your lovely Phoenix. I am sure you shared many superb moments with him. He was lucky to have you and vice versa. Take care!


vickie said...

i love what you are doing with this memorial. Phoenix must have been a wonderful dog, as they are when they are with your family for so many years. I am glad that you had each other. bless you in this sad time and keep him alive this way.

Tara said...

Postcard #53 arrived today in Australia and it has touched my heart. He looks so happy and playful, I went from admiring his beautiful picture to crying when I turned the postcard over! I am so sorry for your loss and I love the idea of these memorial postcards. Thanks for including me in the first round, I am touched.

JewelzyBug said...

Thank you all. I'm glad he touched your heart. He was a wonderful fella.

Anonymous said...

I received your postcard a few days ago and have been thinking about what to write. Pheonix looked so happy in the photo, rolling around at the dog park. He brought a smile to my face, knowing how much animals enjoy playing and rolling in the sun and then jumping up to look at their owner and almost smile at them wondering what to do next. Thank you for sharing this with me. I am sending heartfelt condolences and I can let you know that I respect your project so very much. Michele in WV

JewelzyBug said...

Thank you for your kind words. I do miss his smile!